Friday, May 28, 2010

This Is done in a program my buddy POPS introduces to me 
Its called "SCULPTRIS" its a great tool to use if your starting out with digital sculpt. Its 
very simple to use and gets you ready for when you wanna make the big leap to ZBRUSH.
But is you don't have the time or money to get ZBRUSH, this is a fun program to mess with.
Oh, and remember this is not a full blown ZBRUSH type program, its like the sketchbook pro of 3D sculpting (kind of), you get limited undo, limited a lot of stuff , but over all a great and fun program to get you started,

Here I did a Hellboy face and then I used the same face to make a demon face ,, its my first time using this program , and no I don't know ZBRUSH , so see anyone can use this program.

here is the link to download SCULPTRIS-
Enjoy kids! peace.  LOS3

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Name: Ryan Benno said...

awwwwwesome! Love the idea of unlimited undos.